6. Is there any Time Period to complete 11 slots?

A. Yes. You have to complete 'Learner Plan in 12 months', 'Silver Plan in 14 months', 'Golden Plan in 18 months', 'Platinum Plan in 24 months' and 'Business Plan in 28 months'.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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10. What if I break contract after some slots due to personal reason?

A. If you break the contract, you just have to send a mail with the reason on support@mahifoundation.com. ​No additional penalty will be charged from you. 

2. Is there a time period if I want to enter into the E-Book Typing Project? How long is this open?

A. We are providing limited Contracts per month and Project Plans are variable according to time. 

8. We can see negative reviews online about the fraud. What's that?

A. We have tried to revert back on those reviews. We want to solve queries of all the freelancers but never identify who they are. They are not providing Registration number nor email address.
So, we came to know that, there are many competitors in the field
and some are trying to downgrade our NGO.

So, we are providing our all the details and payment proofs to prove that we are not fraud.

We are accepting that we are not perfect. Some times we are being delayed due to technical issues and heavy workload on QC Department. But we are learning from our mistakes.

1. Is this Foundation is registered?

A. Yes. Foundation is Registered in Gujarat's Kheda District. Registration Number: GUJ/2435/KHEDA and F/2137/KHEDA you will find further details in ABOUT US page.

9. How can we be alret from online SCAM from others?

A. A legal contract will be signed between foundation and applicant.
  • Beware from the fraud persons. They are talking as they are staff of Mahi Foundation and taking deposit. You may find list of our representatives from here.
  • Don’t Transfer or Deposit any Payment in any person’s account.
  • Transfer or Deposit only in Mahi Foundation’s Account.
  • Prefer online payment through PayUMoney payment gateway. Payment Gateway secures online payment Transfers. In the PayUMoney, you have to release your payment after your satisfaction.
  • We are providing Agreement through Speed Post. Scanned copies are invalid so beware. If someone providing only scanned copies then they may be fraud person.
  • Agreements only on 100 Rs Stamp Papers are valid. 50 Rs and 20 Rs Agreements are not valid.
  • Cash deposit is only accepted in Main office, which is located in Nadiad, Gujarat.
  • Don’t pay cash to any person.
  • It is advisable to pay Through PayUMoney (from our website). It is most secure payment method. But you have to pay some online transfer fees to PayUMoney.

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Some payment cheques

5. What is Slot?

A. Here, Slot is defined as bunch of pages provided at a time.

​ex. In silver plan, 1 slot contains 250 pages. and you have to complete a slot within 25 days.

3. How will I get paid?

A. Payments will be transferred through online transfer (NEFT in your Bank Account).

On demand, we can pay through cheque.

Now we are transferring payments only through NEFT in your account but we are giving cheques on the request of some freelancers. 

Security Deposit amount will not be included in the cheque payment.
Security Deposit will be transferred only by NEFT.
4. When will I get my payment?

A. Your Work-payment and Security Deposit will be released after accuracy report of your submitted work(in 4 to 5 business days).

(Note: Errors may be present in translation)

(Prefer English Language)

  our vision does not require sight 

11. How can we pay Security Deposit?

A. You have following options for making the payment:
  1. Through PayUMoney(from Mahi Foundation website)
  2. Cash Deposit to Mahi Foundation's Office,
  3. Cash Deposit in Mahi Foundation's Bank Account,
  4. Account payee cheque in favour of 'Mahi Foundation',
  5. Demand Draft in favour of 'Mahi Foundation',
  6. NEFT through transfer in Mahi Foundation's account,
  7. IMPS through transfer in Mahi Foundation's account.
7. Why are you taking Security Deposit?

A. E-Book Typing Project is a Home based Typing project. If we are not taking Deposit amount then many Freelancers are not working in this Project with their Responsibility.

Due to some past experience, we are taking Security amount from freelancers while he/she want to join in the project, which is refundable on the submission of work. If he/she fails in the achievement of accuracy then also Security Deposit is refundable.

If any freelancer not submitting their project then we have to suffer from the loss of 10 thousands to 50 thousands.

Don't worry, your deposit will be secured with our PAN number AADTM9427A. (Which is connected with all bank accounts of Mahi Foundation)

You may verify PAN Card details from Income Tax Department by following link: