Procedure to apply for E-Book Project:

  • Learner Plan is currently not available
  • *You must have to Select any one Plan from the above Table.
  • *While applying for the Project, you must have to submit Security Deposit (Refundable) and Processing Charge (Non-Refundable) .
  • *Your payment will be given according to achieved accuracy of submitted slot. (Payment tables are mentioned in Web Page of Selected Plan and Work Brochure.)







Pages per Slot


Days to complete a Slot


Extra Chances per Slot


Slots (Works)


Max Payment per Page

70 Rupees100 Rupees150 Rupees
200 Rupees
250 Rupees

Refundable Security Deposit per Slot

250 Rupees450 Rupees700 Rupees1200 Rupees2200 Rupees
Agreement will be signed for11 slots11 slots11 slots
11 slots
11 slots

Total Secutiry Deposit for 11 slots

2750 Rupees4950 Rupees7700 Rupees
13200 Rupees
24200 Rupees

Minimum % Accuracy Required


Processing Charge + QC Charge

750 Rupees750 Rupees1000 Rupees
1500 Rupees
2500 Rupees

Total Charge to pay*   (Initially)

3500 Rupees5700 Rupees8700 Rupees
14700 Rupees
26700 Rupees

Max Income per Slot (variable according to accuracy of work*)

10500 Rupees25000 Rupees52500 Rupees
110000 Rupees
275000 Rupees

Time allocated to complete 11 Slots

8 months14 months18 months
24 months
28 months
Computers Allowed (IP)22347


  1. Download "Application Form".
  2. Fill all details in "Application Form".
  3. Submit Security Deposit for Selected Project in any of our bank account. (You can find details of Bank account in last page of Work Brochure as well as in Contact Us page)
  4. Scan following papers: 1. application form, 2. your ID proof and 3. Deposit slip.
  5. Send all scanned copies to 
  6. You will get your first work (assignment slot) within 2 working days.
  7. 'Contract of Selected Project' and 'Bill of your deposit' will be sent to your address.
  8. Sign the Agreement's all pages.
  9. Attach the following papers with the agreement: 1. 'Filled application form' 2. 'Photocopy of your ID'.
  10. Send the agreement on our address.
  11. Once your agreement will be received, your representative will inform you by a call.

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E-Book Typing Project (Work from Home Project)

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