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What We do?

While we consider the state to be primarily responsible for ensuring the rights for ensuring the rights of children, we realize that we too have a role to play in impacting policies on issues related to children.

The Mahi foundation is the link between the child in need, wherever he/ she is in India. And you, wherever you are. Mahi Foundation therefore uses the concern, money and skills of thousands of individuals towards child development projects that are run by committed organization that strive for child rights.

For every underprivileged child, there are least a handful of people who wants to help.

​Mahi Foundation acts as a "link" between two groups:

a) Development organization and individuals working at grassroots level with underprivileged children and communities 


b) People like you who wish to help but don't know how. You just have to use our services and our profit form it will convert into Donation.

How we work

We work by creating awareness (through our Development Support Team) and raising resources (through our Resources Mobilization Team) and disbursing them to grassroots initiatives. Apart from these, we have teams working in the areas of organization materials donation, developing fund raising services, sensitizing specific target audience and providing information of specific issues.

​Internal support function, like communication, Human Resources, Finance, Planning and Information Technology, also play a key role in our organization building efforts.